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Term Life Insurance is the most basic of life insurance products in that it has no savings component and therefore no cash value. Term insurance is often the most inexpensive way to purchase a substantial death benefit on a coverage amount per premium dollar basis.

As the name implies, Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a limited period of time - the relevant term. After that period, the insured can either drop the policy or pay annually increasing premiums to continue the coverage. If the insured dies during the term, the death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. Some carriers are now offering 30 year term!

Term life can be purchased in many ways.  For instance, your employer may offer it with special terms as a “benefit” to you and your family.  Also, many affinity groups – such as alumni associations, professional groups, etc. – offer special products.  Although term insurance may be available from many sources, purchasing an individual policy provides the best features and flexibility…….and often at a better price!  Call us for more details!

One of the most common uses of Term Life Insurance is as “Mortgage Insurance”.  This is offered by banks and large financial institutions to provide funds to pay off a mortgage in the event of the premature death of the mortgage holder.  But there is a substantial difference between buying your Mortgage Insurance through an insurance broker versus purchasing it through a Bank.

With Term Life Mortgage Insurance, you own the insurance - it is not tied to the mortgage lender (bank). That means you have complete freedom to change mortgage lenders as the policy is owned by you. One of the key points that many miss is the fact that the Bank Mortgage Insurance is frequently not guaranteed renewable when you renew your mortgage. And we believe this is an unnecessary headache for home owners.

Term Life Mortgage Insurance comes in many different flavors, with differing terms, conditions, guarantees, etc.  As with any financial services product, it is wise to do your research AND seek professional advice to purchase a product that best meets your needs!  So please call us today!

Universal Life policies include insurance and savings in a single “tax-advantaged” plan.

With Universal Life, you have the ability to change your coverage, deposits and investment choices in response to your changing needs, conditions, or circumstances.  Deposits are applied to the policy as they are paid each month or year.  The insurance company deducts the insurance administrative costs from the deposits.  The balance of the deposit is then applied to the savings account, which is made up of an investment mix which you may often select and manage.

Universal Life policies offer a selection of investment options within the policy.  As a result, these policies can develop significant cash values which the owner of the policy may use through surrender, policy loans or leveraging.  The excess deposits and cash value accumulates in the policy on a tax-deferred basis - provided your policy value does not exceed an amount prescribed under the Income Tax Act.

Call our office so we can further discuss the benefits of Universal Life!

There are many variations of Whole Life Insurance.  However, the most common type of policy provides permanent coverage with built-in cash values for emergencies.

This type of policy is particularly useful for the very young (low insurance costs) and the older population as there are no further increases such as those offered by most Term Insurance Plans.

Whole Life Insurance plans can also be set up on a "Limited Pay Basis".  One of the most economical types of plan is called a “Limited Pay 20 Option”.  This plan allows for the premiums to be paid for a period of 20 years and then stop.  The cash values continue to increase, however, even though there are no more premiums paid.

Please contact our office to see if this type of insurance coverage meets your specific needs!

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) provides you or your estate with a lump-sum benefit for the loss of life, sight of both eyes, both hands and both feet, or one hand and one foot.  Any of these losses must be as a result of an accident or injury.

This type of benefit can be purchased as a rider to a disability or life insurance plan or as a stand-alone plan for those unable to qualify for traditional life insurance.

Our company has many different types of plans to offer.  Please contact us for further information and a quote for your specific needs!

Sometimes life throws a curve. Injuries can happen.  A critical illness could dramatically change your life, your future, your family’s lifestyle, as well as your financial security.  A chronic disease or disability could keep you from working.  Someone in your family could become injured and require personal care services.  Insurance can’t prevent those things from happening – but it can help you and your family to cope.

Disability Insurance provides you with an income when a disability stops you from working.  With insurance protection, your family would have money to pay bills and remain financially stable.

Not all disability insurance policies are the same.  Before choosing a disability insurance policy, it is important to seek professional advice to make sure that you choose the best policy for your particular situation.

If you have more questions about Disability Insurance, please contact our office!

Twenty-Four Hour Accident Insurance is designed to provide low-cost disability insurance protection to a more select group of individuals. 

The occupations specifically targeted for this type of Accident Insurance would include: Part-time and Seasonal Workers; Home-based business owners; new business owners; and some occupations that are considered hard to insure

If you fit in to any of the above categories, please contact us for a competitive quote!

According to recent studies, Canadians are more likely to experience a critical illness than they are to die before age 75. 

Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum benefit following the diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses.  This lump sum benefit allows you to avoid withdrawing money from an RRSP or savings and investments, giving you peace of mind necessary to focus on your recovery.  It also allows you to choose medicine and treatments not covered by group, personal, mortgage or government plans.  If needed, you have the option of paying down debts such as your mortgage or other loans.  Critical Illness Insurance allows you to replace lost income – it even allows you to maintain your business by hiring a person to run it until you return to work.

Not all Critical Illness policies are the same – so please contact our office for more info!

Long-term care can be very expensive and can deplete a lifetime of savings within a few years.  Many associate this type of care with the elderly, but in reality anyone with a debilitating illness or injury who needs assistance with day-to-day functions would require it.

These policies are less expensive when purchased at an early age but some financial professionals recommend that only individuals closer to ages 50 to 65 purchase long-term care insurance as they are more likely to draw on its benefits.

When purchasing your long-term care policy, there are several features that you need to be aware of - such as whether or not the policy you are considering includes inflation protection, whether or not the policy includes a deductible and how that deductible defines the policy, the amount the policy covers and whether it allows for in-home care or care at a professional facility and finally, the period of coverage of the policy and whether or not additional coverage is required.

Since not all Long-Term Care policies are the same, please contact our office to help assess your personal needs and to offer you professional guidance!

Millions of Canadians are NOT fully covered by an Employee Health Plan! They are unknowingly vulnerable to healthcare expenses NOT COVERED by a Government Health Plan, such as Alberta Health Care.

For only a few dollars per day, an Individual Health and Dental Plan can offer a variety of benefits that are not covered elsewhere.  These benefits include: Prescription Drugs (with benefit card); Basic and Major Dental Care; Paramedical Services; Emergency Services (ambulance, hospitalization, etc.); Accidental Death & Dismemberment; Vision Care; Basic Travel Coverage.

The cost for each Plan is determined by factors such as: Province of Residence; Single, Couple or Family; Age of Applicant(s); Benefits Selected; Percentage of Coverage.

There IS a plan for every circumstance ….. call us today!

If you plan to travel to other parts of Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Latin American, then Travel Insurance is a MUST! Note: Effective April 28, 2009, there is a travel advisory to Mexico in place.

According to a recent poll, 37% of Canadians don't buy travel insurance when they leave the country!

If you are a visitor to Canada, or a snowbird who travels south to the USA in the winter months, or are just planning a family vacation, there is a plan available for you.

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